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Private Piano lessons for children and adults of all ages. Learn to play the music you like with established Piano Teacher Eddie Rudak, Principal Piano Teacher and proprietor of Piano Lessons Derby.

Piano Lessons Derby

Piano Lessons Derby was formed by Piano Teacher Eddie Rudak in 1979. Since then Piano Lessons Derby has gained much popularity though recommendations from satisfied clients, as well as accreditations of excellence from the Music establishment.

An excellent standard of Piano tuition

Piano lessons Derby

Piano lessons are taught in line with standards set out by The Associated Board of The Royal Schools of Music. Beginning at Grade 1 through to Grade 8, in both theory and practical Piano disciplines.

An impressive 95% of students across all age groups will attain a Pass with Distinction mark!

Studying towards, and sitting exams with ABRSM is a personal choice.

Piano lessons Derby teach Piano in all areas of Derby. Home visiting & Online lessons

Piano lessons are taught in your home and are held weekly by appointment. Demand is always always high for home visits so new places are offered subject to availability.

Our Online Piano Lessons

Post lockdown, Online Piano lessons still remain a popular choice for many of our Piano Students. We have decided to extend our online learning facility so you too can enjoy the many benefits of online learning.

Our bespoke Online Piano Lessons are conveniently taught using the following applications: Skype – FaceTime – Google Duo.

Piano ;lessons Derby - Online Piano lessons with Miss Annabel Hill

Online Piano Lesson with Miss Annabel Hill.

Private Piano lessons for the complete beginner, intermediate, and advanced Piano student.

  • No matter if you, or you child, are yet to play a single note on the Piano. Or, perhaps, you aspire to be the next ‘big thing’ in the Music charts?
  • Or perhaps you’re contemplating a new creative hobby learning to play the Piano?
  • Perhaps you’re working towards your final graded exams, and need help with advanced theory, or repertoire?

Our Private Piano Lessons are geared for success. Learn to play the Piano at your own pace.

Private Piano lessons in Derby for semi-retired and senior citizens

Mr. Roy Wheldon – Retired. FaceTime Piano Lessons.

Modern progressive Piano Lessons

Piano Lessons Derby keep up to date with modern teaching methods and practices. With a combination of traditional and modern Piano teaching methods, all nicely rounded up with heaps of encouragement and support. Your success is just a few notes away!

Interesting, stimulating fun Piano lessons

At Piano Lessons Derby, teachers do things differently, implementing a modern adaptive approach towards Piano tuition to ensure that Piano lessons continue to be interesting, stimulating, and progressive, and of course, heaps of fun.

Classical and Contemporary Private Piano Lessons

Piano Teacher’s at Piano Lessons Derby recognise that not everybody wants to be taught to play Classical music. That’s absolutely fine. There are plenty more Music styles to choose from.

  • Rock
  • Pop
  • Ragtime
  • Jazz – most styles.
  • Blues
  • Easy listening Ballads – and then some..

Piano Lessons Derby will teach you to play the Piano in any style you choose.. Simply chose your preferred style of Music and you’re good to go.

Thanks to years of experience and a completely flexible approach to teaching Music, you get to play the kind of music you like best.

Though first of all we’ll need to take care of the rudimentary skills.

How can learning to play the Piano be of great benefit to your Child?

Learning to play the Piano teaches your child the skills of application and practice.

Consider learning the piano, a child will learn with one hand, then the other hand, then put the two together and eventually be able to work the pedal at the same time; a novice can’t just sit down and understand how the dots and lines on the page create a tune.The only way to develop these skills is by going over material again and again until it is fully understood, remembered and successfully applied.

Instills discipline and dedication

Children who begin learning a musical instrument at an early age, have the opportunity to develop and strengthen their skills over time. They learn to be disciplined in their approach and experience that challenges can be overcome and goals can be reached with hard work and perseverance; valuable life-lessons to learn.

Increases the capacity of your child’s memory

Research has shown, that both listening to music and playing a musical instrument stimulate your brain and can increase your memory.

A study was done in which 22 children from age 3 to 4 and a half years old were given either singing lessons or Piano lessons. A control group of 15 children received no music lessons at all. Both groups participated in the same pre-school activities.

The results showed that pre-schooler’s who had weekly Piano lessons improved their spatial-temporal skills 34 percent more than the other children.  Not only that, but researchers said that the effect lasted long-term.

ABRSM Piano Exams or No Piano Exams?

ABRSM Graded Piano ExamsThe choice is entirely yours! We totally understand that taking exams isn’t to everybody’s liking. 

Many of our Piano student’s learn to play the Piano for their own enjoyment – and that’s perfectly fine.

Read more about ABRSM Graded Piano Exams.

Private Piano lessons are taught in parallel to ABRSM standards. This doesn’t mean that you have to sit exams.

Maybe you’d care to explore an alternative to learning to play the Piano; Read more about our Keyboard lessons.

Trial Piano lessons for new beginners.

I offer a 4-weeks course of trial Private Piano lessons for new beginners. Lessons are 30 minutes duration and are offered at the discounted price of £17.00 each. Subject to availability.

Parents of young children may find this article helpful too: Piano lessons for children, all you need to know!

Call: 07428 440004 to book your trial Piano Lessons.

Piano Lessons Derby. – Teaching Private Piano Lessons in Derby since 1979.