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Keyboard Lessons Private Keyboard lessons. Learn to play Keyboard in a style of your choice. Whether you want to be a Keyboard player Pop star or the next Jean-Michel Jarre, – Keyboard lessons begin right here!

Keyboard Lessons

Today’s modern electronic keyboards are equipped with a wide variety of digitally reproduced orchestral voices, automated accompaniment including digitally sampled drums and percussion. It’s these features which greatly appeal to children and adults alike. An Orchestra or Rock band at your fingertips!

A credible alternative to learning Piano.

Learning to play a digital electronic keyboard as an ‘instrument’ is a credible alternative to taking Private Piano Lessons.

Many young Children begin learning on a digital electronic Keyboard before moving on to Piano. It is also true to say, some Children, – and adults alike, prefer learning Keyboard to Piano.

A Piano can only sound like a Piano. Whereas, a digital electronic keyboard can reproduce an infinite variety of sounds including the sound of a Piano. It’s a question of personal choice.

A straightforward no-jargon approach ensuring learning keyboard is fun!

Lessons begin with the same fundamental rudiments as learning Piano. Understanding the Keyboard layout, learning the musical alphabet, the clefs, note values, and timing, in conjunction with Music theory.

Keyboard lessons for young children – Trial Period.

Children Learn to play Keyboard with a personalised course of easy to follow Keyboard lessons. Lessons are authored specifically with children in mind;

Your child will be encouraged to enjoy learning to play through exploration and creativity. Learning to play Keyboard is always fun!

I offer 4 weeks trial period to help you decide whether taking Keyboard lessons is the right choice. Also to assist gauge the viability of a first-time instrument purchase.

Please contact me for free impartial advice.

Want to buy a Keyboard?

You’re never too young or old to take Keyboard lessons!

  • Weekly lessons in your home.
  • No additional charge for home visits.
  • Learn Keyboard as a new hobby or study for external examinations.
  • Learn at your own pace with personalised lessons.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Extremely high success rate.
  • Trial lessons available with no obligation to continue.
  • Competitive rates.

 For more information and to book your trial Keyboard lessons. Tel:  07428 440004

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