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Piano Lessons Littleover. Hello. My name is Eddie Rudak, I am an experienced ABRSM Derby Piano teacher. I have been teaching Piano lessons in Littleover for more than 30 years. I teach Private Piano lessons to both adults and Children. Piano lessons in Littleover are weekly by appointment. Private Piano lessons are available to be taken in the comfort of your home in Littleover Derby. Subject to availability.

Piano Lessons Littleover

Piano Lessons Littleover Derby | Piano lessons Derby Tel: 07428 440004Taking Piano lessons is a rewarding experience; there are no barriers in learning to play a Piano. Having sufficient desire to learn is your greatest attribute the foundation for your musical journey!

There have been many advancements in Piano teaching methods over the past decade making learning Piano accessible to a wider audience of all ages and abilities. No matter whether you’re 6 years of age or 76 years of age, – there’s never been a better time to take Piano lessons!

Piano lessons Littleover – Trial Piano lessons for children.

Piano lessons for children feature a bespoke course of easy to follow Piano lessons. My piano lessons are designed specifically with children in mind. Your child will be encouraged to enjoy learning Piano through exploration and creativity with music.

Your Private Piano lessons are geared towards the kind of Music you’d like to play. There are many different styles of Piano Music. Just let me know which style or type of Piano Music you like and we’re good to go. If you’re not too sure then take a look at this helpful website about the different styles of Piano music.

Learning to play Piano is fun!

I offer a discounted 4 weeks trial period to help parents decide whether taking Piano lessons long-term is the right choice for their child also to assist parents guage the viability of a first-time instrument purchase.

If you’re not too sure about learning to play the Piano; Keyboard Lessons are a credible alternative. Take a look at my Page about Keyboard Lessons.

All of my Piano students get to choose whether they want to learn Piano for their own personal enjoyment or to study towards sitting external examinations with ABRSM.

Learn Piano today with Piano Lessons Derby.

  • Weekly Piano Lessons at your home in Littleover Derby.
  • No additional charge for home visits.
  • Piano lessons for children.
  • Piano lessons for adults of all ages.
  • Piano lessons for beginners.
  • Learn Piano as a new hobby or study for external ABRSM examinations.
  • Learn at your own pace with personalised Piano lessons.
  • Extremely competitive rates.

Piano Lessons Derby specialise in Piano lessons for beginners suitable for children and adults of all ages. Whether you choose to learn Piano as a new hobby or study for examinations I will help you succeed in your ambitions.

Book your trial lesson today! Tel: 07428 440004

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