Piano Lessons Derby Review Roland FP-7F Digital Piano


Roland FP-7F Digital Piano. Piano lessons Derby Review Roland FP-7F Digital Piano. An independant review of the Roland FP-7F Digital Piano which begins with a look into what makes this Roland digital stage Piano different from similar specification digital Pianos in it’s class.

Roland FP-7F Digital Piano

Roland introduces the Roland FP-7F Digital Piano, the latest addition to its popular FP series piano line-up. The FP series has a portable, stylish design with onboard speakers at an affordable price. The new Roland FP-7F Digital Pianoadds four major new features: Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano sound engine, an all-new PHA III Ivory Feel-S keyboard with escapement, a vocal mic input with companion Harmony effects, and an onboard looper. The new FP-7F now includes Roland’s SuperNATURAL Piano engine. This breakthrough technology creates the ultimate piano playing experience, delivering seamless variations in tone from pianissimo to fortissimo, notes that fade naturally without looping, and three-dimensional sound and response.

Piano lessons Derby review Roland FP-7F Digital PianoThe Roland FP-7F Digital Piano also features Roland’s newly developed PHA III Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with escapement. Offering progressive hammer action with an escapement mechanism, this new keyboard gives players unmatched expression and performance authenticity. Additionally, every key is constructed of a special proprietary material that provides excellent moisture absorbency, with the white keys replicating the unique appearance and comfortable feel of real ivory keys. For sing-along fun, the Roland FP-7F Digital Piano provides a built-in microphone input, and the powerful onboard Harmony engine lets users add duet, trio, and quartet harmonies to their own voice with effects derived from the BOSS VE-20 Vocal Processor. To create the harmony voices, the Harmony engine automatically detects the chords the user plays on the keyboard in real time.

Also onboard the Roland FP-7F Digital Piano is a looper that lets a player record and play back their performance as a continuous audio loop. This is great for creating play-along backing, and unlimited overdubs can be added as well. Users can record the sounds of the FP-7F itself (including rhythm patterns from its large built-in library) and from a connected vocal microphone. In addition, loops can be saved as WAV files to USB flash media and used with the FP-7F’s USB Audio Key playback feature.  The FP-7F is available in black (FP-7F-BK) or white (FP-7F-WH) finishes, and comes standard with a DP-10 Damper Pedal. Options include the matching KSC-44 stand and the RPU-3 Triple Pedal Unit. The RPU-3 offers a true grand piano-playing experience with three foot pedals, as well as advanced control of the FP-7F’s Harmony and Looper features.

The Roland FP-7F has some truly groundbreaking features which sets it aside from similar price digital Pianos in as much as the Roland FP-7F features Roland’s SuperNatural sound engine which re-creates the behaviour and the characteristics of how the instrument plays. Supernatural makes playing a digital piano feel organic and dynamic. For the first time the technology is all about the player.

Multi Sampling – SuperNATURAL pianos are equipped with technology, which was born by bringing together Roland V-Piano technology and 88-key stereo multi-sampling technology. This new sound engine is the product of Roland’s deep research of the characteristics of acoustic pianos, with the goal of faithfully reproducing the rich tone and expressivity of a concert grand piano. The maximum polyphony of 128 is more than enough for even the most complex pieces.

Natural Decay – The SuperNATURAL piano sound engine replicates the natural decay of a acoustic piano. The natural decay of notes and beautiful lingering tones are important elements of a piano’s sound. The decaying sound of an acoustic piano not only decreases in volume, but also gradually changes in colour to a softer tone.

Organic Tonal Change – Using technology only Roland’s digital pianos have, the SuperNATURAL piano sound engine delivers natural and seamless changes in tone colour in response to the player’s touch. Its expanded dynamic range supports the most advanced and subtle techniques, just as one would expect in an acoustic grand piano. For example, there are subtle changes in tone where the damper is barely touching the string. There are also variations in the sustain of a sound when you depress the pedal gradually. The pedals even support the most subtle expression, such as depressing the pedal again after releasing it for an instant.

Let’s drill down and take a closer look at the Roland FP-7F specification. Well as you would expect the FP-7F boasts a 88 keys (PHA III Ivory Feel-S Keyboard with Escapement) along with gradable touch sensitivity over 100 levels or fixed touch. Graded hammer response 1-10. There is an impressive 351 tones and 8 drum sets so there’s no shortage of orchestral and synthesizer sounds for even the most creative Pianist. 10 reverb levels including a rotary speaker effect for organ sounds.

The Roland FP-7F is a versatile digital Piano which is suited to stage or home use. It’s not cheap by any means but what you get for your money is a digital Piano which stands heads above similar digital Pianos in it’s class.

At time of writing this review the Roland FP-7F digital Piano retail price is £1,799.00.

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