Piano lessons for children. All you need to know!

Piano lessons for children in Derby

Piano lessons for Children is the topic of today’s article.

So, your child has told you that they would like to lean to play the Piano, you’re probably wondering what to do next. Don’t rush to pick up the phone and book a Piano teacher just yet.

I’ll do my best to help shed a practical light on what you need to know.

For many parents this can be a problematic time fraught with all manner of questions and concerns. Who?, what?, where?, when?

Piano lessons for childrenYoungerĀ children can be extremely faddy; One day they want to play drums, then it’s the guitar, then the drums again, then Violin. So how do you know if your child is serious about learning to play an instrument at all?

I get many phone calls from parents of young children asking about Piano lessons for their child.

Of course there’s usually a multitude of questions they would like answers to. The most popular concern is, “What if we buy a Piano and my child quits lessons after only a few lessons?”

I suppose the answer seems fairly obvious really.

For me anyway, the sensible thing here is to do a risk assessment. I hope reading on you’ll get an idea too of why many Piano teacher’s, including myself, prefer to take young children onto the books from 5/6 years of age.

So, what are the chances that young Mary, age 5 is going to quit Piano lessons before she’s learned anything of any substance? This is where the Piano teacher has to take on the roll of both teacher but also Mr. Tumble.

In most cases meeting the child at a comfortable meeting of intellectual similarities bridges the obvious intellectual gap.

It makes sense to climb down to the maturity level of the young student, thus putting the early teacher/student relationship on an even footing, or at least until a good rapport has been struck between both parties.

I have complete faith in this strategy because I know the long-term outcome will be favourable. Productive for my young student as well as the parents.

On balance, It’s now least likely that young Mary will quit her Piano lessons.

A dedicated mature Piano teacher who has much experience in teaching young children is worth their own weight in gold!

There you have it; it’s all about getting the blend between Teacher and student just right. A happy student is always a productive student!

I offer a 4 weeks trial of Piano lessons for Children at a discounted price! Piano Lessons Derby usually enrol children from 6 years of age. Why not get in touch for an informal chat. Tel: 07428 440004.

Before I wrap up this article; Just in case you’re thinking of buying a new or used Piano.

Look out for my article giving tips on what to look for when buying a new or used Piano. In the meantime, why not head over to Clement Pianos (Nottingham) website, where you can browse a selection of good quality new and used Pianos.

Many thanks for stopping by.

Eddie Rudak – Piano Teacher.