Piano Lessons: Will we need to buy a Piano?


Piano Lessons. “Will we need to buy a Piano?” In this article, I’m going to answer possibly the most asked question. Not only that, but also give you my thoughts about Piano lessons and Piano practise. Please read on.

Coming straight to the point: Unless you already have a piano at home, then Yes, you will need to buy a Piano.

Piano lessons are for learning!

Piano lessons - choosing the best Piano for Piano lessons

A Yamaha Digital Piano

Piano lessons are for learning. Practise between Piano lessons is essential in order for a Piano student to make progress. What happens over the next seven days is what I call the ‘proof of learning’ stage.

Practise makes perfect.

Piano lessons teach the skills necessary to become a good Pianist.

The ‘learning and practise partnership’ is where the Piano student sufficiently develops their skills through repetition. Repetitive play is necessary in order to attain a degree of confidence and proficiency.

Regular daily practise sessions count towards a successful outcome for both student and Piano teacher. Regular structured practise also promotes sustainable progress over time. I really can’t stress the importance of regular daily Piano practise enough. For some Piano students, practise seems to be a chore, but it really needn’t be. Piano practise sessions can be made interesting too!

I would always advise you to have an instrument at home. There are many options open to you. Here’s a few for you to consider.

  • A traditional acoustic upright Piano
  • A digital Piano (with 88 weighted keys)
  • A digital keyboard (in the short term)

In my next article I’m going to talk about the different types of Piano that most suited to learning to play the Piano. There are essentially three different types of Piano ranging in price from £50.00 upwards.

A friendly word of advice.

You really don’t need to buy a brand new Piano, not unless you want to. If the Piano student is a young child, then I would certainly consider the viability of spending a lot of money straight away. I will always recommend that you spend as little as possible on the ‘right instrument’ in the first 12 months.

Gumtree can be a useful resource when looking for a first time Piano!

You can take a look at a few used Pianos on Gumtree,

Thank you for stopping by to read my article. I hope you’ve found it useful and in some way informative.

If you’re thinking about Piano lessons for yourself or a member of your family; Please take a look at my website – Piano lessons Derby.

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All the best. Eddie Rudak – Piano Teacher.